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ENFIA replaces property tax

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ENFIA statements available online from today, Wednesday, 11/05/22, payment in ten installments by following dates:
  1. 31/05/2022
  2. 30/06/2022
  3. 29/07/2022
  4. 31/08/2022
  5. 30/09/2022
  6. 31/10/2022
  7. 30/11/2022
  8. 30/12/2022
  9. 31/01/2023
10. 28/02/2023

I haven't used this but I understand statements are available (in Greek) from Declaration E9 / ENFIA. From that page you log-in using your personal Taxisnet password and select year 2022. Probably easier to let your accountant do it unless you're fluent in Greek.


--- Quote ---ENFIA smiles for four in five
Millions of property owners will see their dues reduced this year, with only a few facing hikes

The new payment slips for the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), uploaded on the online platform of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, show reductions that in some cases reach up to 45-50%.

The abolition of the supplementary tax has become obvious for most owners with assets valued at more than 250,000 euros; during the decade-long crisis years it was they who bore the brunt of property tax to help the fiscal adjustment.

Some significant reductions have also been observed for smaller properties, even those whose zone rates posted a significant increase upon the adjustment of the taxable prices known as “objective values.”

However, there are also cases where ENFIA dues have soared this year: This is not only in areas that were not previously included in the objective value system, such as Mykonos, Ikaria, Ithaki and others, but also in the center of Athens, where owners have to pay 50-60% more ENFIA, and in some instances 70% more than last year.
--- End quote ---


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