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--- Quote ---Severe weather warning issued for Friday, Saturday in parts of Greece

The civil protection agency is on alert following a severe weather warning issued by the National Meteorological Service for Friday and Saturday, especially for central and northern Greece.

According to the forecast, heavy rain and thunderstorms with very frequent lightning strikes, as well as hail are expected. The phenomena are forecast to begin just before noon on Friday in the northern Ionian Sea...
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Currently probable Kef will also experience thunderstorms tomorrow, albeit later in the day.


--- Quote ---More hot days lie ahead

The meteorological service at the National Observatory of Athens,, expects temperatures to rise above usual levels for a sustained period of time.

In a bulletin on Thursday, Meteo said that the relatively cool air masses which had prevailed over eastern Europe and spared it the heatwaves of western parts are gradually giving way to warmer ones. Their temperature will be up to around 10 degrees Celsius above the norm for the season.

The new wave of heat began on Thursday and although such forecasts can vary, the above-average temperatures are expected to persist at least until the end of the month.
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Currently the ten day forecast for Kef still showing low-mid thirties  :beach:


--- Quote ---Temperature rising again

Temperatures are set to rise again on Wednesday across almost the entire country, reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius in Attica.

The islands of the Ionian and Aegean and Crete will see temperatures climb to 34C.
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Only above 30° C for a few days on Kef, then high twenties from Sunday on, according to latest forecast.


--- Quote ---High summer back for the weekend

It’s a great time for hitting the beach again as meteorologists forecast temperatures rising into the high 30s across Greece over the next four days.

The National Observatory’s Meteo weather service on Thursday reported that daytime highs on Friday and Saturday will reach and perhaps even
exceed 38 degrees Celsius in some parts of the county as hot air masses sweep in from the central and eastern Mediterranean.
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Kef so far looks to be fairly cool in comparison, maybe 30C Friday and Saturday then mid-twenties.


--- Quote ---Storms on their way, weathermen warn

An area of low pressure arriving from southern Italy will lead to a deterioration in weather conditions from late Thursday afternoon until Saturday marked by a temporary drop in temperature, lightening and hail as well as strong winds in the Aegean, weathermen have warned.

According to the National Observatory of Athens, the rain will be particularly heavy in Western Macedonia and Epirus from late Thursday afternoon, while storms are expected in the Northern Ionian.

By Friday morning, the rain will have spread to rest of the Ionian Sea.
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