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Kefalonia Animal Trust - Annual General Meeting


Saturday 26th March - 11.00 am

at Hotel Ionis - Peratata


In order to comply with Greek law and our constitution, this year is when voting takes place to elect the committee members.


In order to be eligible, you must be a fully paid up member for the past two years and submit your request to me at least 10 days prior to the meeting, email KATCCY@GMAIL.COM

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Email address on previous post should read:-

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Saturday 26th March 2016, 11am at Hotel Ionis, in Peratata


Committee Members
Pat Dolman– President
Janet Jones - Vice Treasurer
Catherine Candy – Secretary
Sheila Steven

Jane Regan, Maria Butler

Treasurer's Report
Janet Jones (Vice Treasurer) went through the accounts for 2016.  She also had the detailed accounts if anyone wanted to look at them.

Money this year had been raised from a number of sources, the Charity Shops, direct donations through Paypal or into the various bank accounts, cash donations and Easy Fundraising.

Donations received allowed the charity to cover our expenditure, and have little cash in hand

Total monies paid to vets   -     €34106.85 
Total monies spent       -    €36431.70

Additional expenses were P.O.BOX and money received on behalf of ARK from people/charities that wanted us to buy food on their behalf, and money received and paid out for animal travelling crates etc....

There were a number of people who were thanked for their help with raising money.  The list of names is at the end of these minutes.

Pat Dolman presented the neutering numbers for 2015

Female dogs 113
Male dogs 55
Female cats 255
Male cats 89

The Charity was lucky enough to have 2 Volunteer vet during 2015

The new committee were voted in, with no new members standing.

Any Other Business

Roger Steven asked for permissions to Kefalonia Animal Trust Facebook page to be changed to allow other members to post updates on injured animals to keep interested parties informed

Sheila Steven asked for a copy of the constitution, which will be kept at Skala Shop in case of tax inspection.

Everyone was thanked for coming.  The owners of Hotel Ionis were thanked for allowing us to hold the AGM in their premises.

Meeting Closed

Thanks for monies raised to…

Skala KATs                 2285.50
Katelios Bazaar               670.00     
Svoronata KATs            12797.05
Christmas Bazaar          1282.19
Vet Tins                4832.26    (donations towards neutering costs)
Alitis Bar             1345.50
Jeans Quizes              430.00
From Germany Thru Bank        200.00
Roger & Sheila Steven             539.00   Albania Trip
Ionian & Aegean Holidays        846.62 (inc.329.91 from donation envelopes
My Little House on the Hill        223.33   2 years collection
Skala Lixouri Appeal           306.00
Ian & Talie Mole           300.00
Cathy & Trev Candy           170.00
Julie Xionh              154.00   Donation Envelopes
Janice & Gerry Kapman           350.00
Logos Grand View           105.00
Olga                 120.00
Len, Lorna Etc Lixouri           200.00
Rachel Bailey Everest Ag.Ef        116.23
Gaia Dogs             1050.00   For Moving Dogs


Also many individuals have made generous donations such as Galera Skala, Jamie in Lixouri, Alan Blackburn, Marilyn Haines, Roy and Lorna Gilbert and her mum, Carole and her Mum, Vassilis of Route66, Rod Wells, Jean and Maurice, and tins from Lassi Supermarket and AB to name a few and masses of hard work fund raising by Jean and the Skala Shop Group, and all the ladies of the Svoronata Shop that even worked through the summer season. who have all worked really hard which can be seen by the funds raised this year.

And a special thanks to all our wonderful supporters who donate via PayPal into KATs (UK).

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Extraordinary amount of work, both fund raising and hands on. 

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