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Ktel bus timetable available under Routes tab on    :btu:

Edit: title amended

A-ha, what was another of Kefalonia's closely guarded secrets is now openly available to people who want to use the bus service!

Just to make life a little easier, here's the individual links (so far):

From Argostoli
From other places (e.g. Skala, Sami)
Lourdas (not yet available)
Kefalonia-Patras-Athens / Athens-Patras-Kefalonia

Might seem slightly confusing as you can, apparently, depart e.g. Poros for Agia Efimia any day at 15:50 (only) and return the same morning at 07:00. OK if you plan to stay at least one night.

Looks as though, as usual, service and times liable to change at short notice (and, possibly, without the KTEL website being updated immediately) as KTEL advises customers to "contact our agencies to get informed for any schedule’s changes". Here's how to contact KTEL.

Just noticed that some of those links are period specific and may change, probably best to use the link direct to KTEL Kefalonias or, if the bus times are critical to your journey, contact KTEL.

See also: Buses

Baffling as usual!  :unsure:


A few minor additions to the KTEL Kefalonias website, looks like the Airport service will be running but no schedule as yet.


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