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--- Quote ---British operator ‘extremely disappointed’ as French rival wins HMRC post-Brexit border contract

A French company has won the contract for post-Brexit border checks, in a blow to hopes that domestic businesses would be prioritised in public procurement.

The outsourcer Sodexo has been selected in favour of London-listed Wincanton to run Inland Border Facilities by HM Revenue & Customs, The Telegraph can reveal.

Wincanton, the warehouse operator and haulier, told investors it was “extremely disappointed” at the decision. Its shares fell by nearly a quarter, wiping more than £100m from the company’s stock market valuation. It was reported that the original Inland Border Facilities contract was worth £71m to Wincanton.

The decision echoes the award of the post-Brexit contract to make UK passports to the Franco-Dutch company Gemalto in 2018. The previous holder of the contract, London-listed De La Rue, suffered a heavy blow to its share price from which it has never recovered.
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