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--- Quote ---‘I was in tears’: Briton with valid passport barred from flight over Brexit rules
Experts say it is vital to check you meet EU requirements, or you could risk losing your holiday

Prior to Brexit, UK passport holders could travel in and out of the EU as long as they held a valid passport, even one that expired the day after their return.

Passengers may look at their passport, see that it does not expire until well after their return, and conclude that all is well. However, they need to check the date of issue. If the passport will be more than 10 years old on the day of entry, they will not be allowed in.

The change has caught out a great many passengers who were unaware of the change. Last year, Guardian Money featured the case of Pat Cerely and her husband, Peter, who were refused permission to board their plane to Madeira on the grounds that Pat’s passport was not valid – even though it had another nine months remaining.

Jo Rhodes, the deputy travel editor at Which?, says: “Recently, some travellers have been caught out by EU passport rules, meaning they haven’t been able to go on holiday as planned.

“Your passport must have been issued in the past 10 years at the time of entering the EU. Legally, you’re also required to have at least three months left on your passport at the time you plan on exiting the EU. If you have a holiday planned this summer, check your passport now to make sure it meets all the requirements for your destination, so you don’t risk being turned away at the airport.”

She says Which? advises travelling with at least six months’ validity “to be on the safe side”.
--- End quote ---

Seems some people take no notice of the number of times this had been mentioned
on TV and in the newspapers for the past few years.

The other sort of Passport problem is delays on issuing new or renewed ones. Here's timeline for my expsrience.

June 13th. Checked online what the requirements were. Then off to Asda a where there's a photo booth. £10 for 4 photos with the option to have an electronic version sent direct to The Passport Office. I chose this option which meant I wouldn't need to get a physical photo signed by  someone to identify me. It's also cheaper to use this method.
Back home I filled in the application form which said the typical time to process would be ten weeks. I got an immediate reply by text acknowledging receipt with a tracking number.
Next off to the Post Office to send in my old Passport.

Day 2 Reminder by text telling me to send in the old one as processing couldn't start until they received it.

Day 4  text in morning that old Passport received. Further one later that application was approved and that I'd be informed when it would be dispatched.

Day5. Text that Passport printed and transferred to delivery supplier.

Day 7. Passport arrived.

10 weeks? Less than one!

In these times of doom and gloom, I'm more than a little pleased.

Had me worried, U4ea, until I read to the end. Had to renew ours a year or so back, mine went to one office and came back quick, Mary's went to a different office and took about three times as long. We'd applied in plenty of time so both back in time for hol, which was the main thing. Hope you have a good hol! :)


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