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Title: 28/04/21
Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 03:12:29
Unconfirmed as yet by EODY, two new cases of coronavirus in Lixouri, a female and child. EODY confirmation expected later today.
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Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 03:14:26
‘Self-driving’ cars could get green light for use on UK motorways this year

Motorists could legally allow their cars to “self-drive” on British motorways later this year – but only slowly, the government has announced.

Drivers could soon be allowed to read a newspaper or watch a film via the car’s built-in screen in periods of slow-moving traffic, using automated lane-keeping system (Alks) technology that makes the car stay in lane and a safe distance from other vehicles.

But insurers and motoring organisations said much more work needed to be done to ensure safety, after the Department for Transport confirmed it would pursue plans to allow new models fitted with Alks to drive without the driver’s input.

The cars will be defined as self-driving when the system is in operation, at a maximum speed of 37mph.

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Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 11:10:39
Scientists find way to remove polluting microplastics with bacteria
Sticky property of bacteria used to create microbe nets that can capture microplastics in water to form a recyclable blob
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Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 13:43:42
easyJet passengers can change flights without penalty up to two hours before departure

Britain’s biggest budget airline, easyJet, has moved to differentiate itself from its larger rival, Ryanair, with an unprecedented degree of flexibility for passengers.

Until the end of September 2021, passengers booked on easyJet flights can move to any other departure currently on sale with the airline – on any route, on any date up to September 2022.

Any increase in price compared with the original booking will need to be met by the passenger. The policy applies retrospectively to existing bookings.

The airline has also introduced a guarantee of a full refund if local lockdown measures or national laws prevent travel – as the UK’s current ban on holidays abroad does – even if the flight operates.
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Post by: expat on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 17:19:12
That's a good bit of news, we are booked onto the September flight ( swapped from last year) we shall see what happens, hopefully we will get a holiday!
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Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 22:09:33
Nice time of the year and hopefully things will have settled down by September.
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Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021 @ 22:11:40
Android earthquake alerts are now live in Greece and New Zealand

Building on the safety mechanisms of its OS, Google introduced an Android Earthquake Alerts System last summer in partnership with the United States Geological Survey. Launched in California, the feature has since been rolled out to Oregon and is heading to Washington in May. But, it's also now taking its first steps outside of the US to Greece and New Zealand.

On an individual level, Google's alert system essentially turns your phone into a mini seismometer. But, more broadly speaking, it can create a network of shockwave-detecting devices, using a crowdsourced approach to work out if an earthquake is happening, where it is and its magnitude.

In New Zealand and Greece, this information will be used to send early warning alerts to Android users.