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Title: 29/04/21
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Covid-19: New Measures for Restaurants, Travel in Greece

Nikos Chardalias, Greece’s Minister for Civil Protection, announced a series of new Covid-19 measures on Wednesday.

When restaurants and cafes open on May 3, Greeks will be required to send the number six (6) to the toll-free number 13033 in order to be able to go out to eat or to have a coffee.

Currently, the country’s curfew runs from 10 PM to 5 AM. On Monday, May 3, it will move one hour later, starting at 11 PM, and lasting until 5 AM.

Similarly, citizens will still have to send a message for all their other movements until May 15, when Greece has planned its “full opening” to international tourists for the summer season.

According to the country’s strict anti-virus measures, all restaurants and cafes will be open for outdoor seating only, with socially-distanced tables — and no music.

The restrictions state the each table can seat a maximum of six people, and customers must sit, not stand.
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Parking mad: UK man completes mission to park in every spot at local supermarket
Gareth Wild finished his ‘magnum opus’ by filling the last of 211 spots in the parking lot of Sainsbury’s in Bromley

A man has completed a six-year challenge to park in every car parking space at his local Sainsbury’s.

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Stinging wasps are precious, not pointless, say scientists

They are voracious predators of pest insects, produce powerful antibiotics in their venom, pollinate plants and even make a nutritious snack.

The benefits to humans of the much-hated insects are revealed in the first major scientific review of the ecosystem services they provide. It focused on the 33,000 known species of hunting wasps, which carry stings and live in every corner of the world.
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Greece Extends Work-from-Home Order Until May 31

In a joint ministerial decision (JMD), the finance, labour, development and health ministries have extended the emergency temporary measures for mandatory teleworking quotas and staggered arrival to work, designed to protect public health and limit the spread of Covid-19, until May 31.

The rules require that all businesses use teleworking for at least 50 pct of their employees, wherever it is possible for their work to be done remotely. They are also required to stagger the arrival and departure of their staff over a two-hour window at the start and end of shifts.
https://www.thenationalherald.com/greece_extends_work_from_home_order_until_may_31/ (https://www.thenationalherald.com/archive_general_news_greece/arthro/greece_extends_work_from_home_order_until_may_31-2323600/)
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Three new cases of coronavirus confirmed on Kef earlier today by EODY.
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Ryanair told to compensate passengers over strike cancellations

Ryanair has been told to compensate customers who lost out when flights were cancelled because of strikes.

The High Court said the thousands of people affected by cancellations or delays during strike action by pilots and cabin crew in 2018 should be compensated.

Ryanair had claimed that "extraordinary circumstances" applied, so it did not have to pay.

But the Civil Aviation Authority took legal action over Ryanair's refusal.

It argued that passengers were entitled to compensation under EU law.