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Title: 01/05/21
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Καλό μήνα

Forty seven cases of coronavirus on Kefalonia during April and four on Ithaka, according to EODY.
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Coronavirus: Overseas holidays to be allowed from 17 May in next lockdown easing, reports say
Only ‘tiny handful’ of countries are expected to be on green list with lowest level of restrictions

Ministers will announce next week that the ban on overseas holidays will end on 17 May as part of the government’s Covid-19 roadmap out of lockdown restrictions, it has been reported.

The Telegraph reported on Friday that the government was planning to introduce a traffic light system to allow Britons to go abroad on holiday, with a “tiny handful” of countries expected to be on the green list with the lowest level of restrictions.

All people, including those who have been vaccinated, will have to take a PCR coronavirus test when they return to the UK, according to the newspaper.

Most European countries are reportedly likely to end up on the amber list, meaning holidaymakers will be required to quarantine for 10 days when they return and take two tests on days two and eight of their isolation.

Greece looking likely to be on amber list, meaning ten day quarantine upon return.
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Final episode of Viewpoint was pulled from ITV last night due allegations of sexual misconduct against lead actor, Noel Clarke. Available to watch on ITV Hub (https://www.itv.com/hub/viewpoint/10a0556a0005) but only for a very limited time - today. Registration (free) required.

If you've watched episodes 1-4 it's probably worth watching episode 5.

Episodes 1-4 also available on ITV Hub.
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World Archaeologists, Critics Blast Tourist-Friendly Acropolis Scheme

Perhaps the world's greatest architectural treasure – the famed Acropolis in Athens which holds the Parthenon – will be put at risk and its heritage devalued by plans to make it more accessible to tourists, a chorus of have critics said.

Archaeologists from around the world have joined with scholars, artists and lawyers condemning the plan for further renovations after a concrete walk was earlier added that let heavy rains lead to flooding on the site.

The group said the plans, which include overhauling a major entrance to the Propylaea, the site’s monumental gateway, would be “equivalent to the degradation, concealment, and devaluation of the greatest archaeological and artistic treasure that has been bequeathed to modern Greece, in which humanity has entrusted its preservation.”
https://www.thenationalherald.com/world_archaeologists_critics_blast_tourist_friendly_acropolis_scheme (https://www.thenationalherald.com/archive_general_news_greece/arthro/world_archaeologists_critics_blast_tourist_friendly_acropolis_scheme-2331971/)
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Pigs hammered to death at ‘high-welfare’ farm, prompting Tesco to ditch supplier

A criminal investigation has been launched after pigs were brutally hammered to death at a meat farm endorsed as “high-welfare”.

Those animals not killed on farm go to a slaughterhouse supplying Lidl, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and many other major restaurants and retailers.

Animal-rights organisation Animal Equality UK filmed at P&G Sleigh Pig Unit, an intensive indoor farm, uncovering what it said were “a number of serious legal violations”.

Some pigs gasped and writhed after several blows to the head, it was claimed, with one showing signs of life for over four minutes.

A worker was caught on film saying that using a hammer to kill a pig was “as good as any bullet”. In fact, pigs are gassed to death with carbon dioxide in abattoirs.

Another was filmed standing on a pig’s neck as he killed it.

The investigators said they also saw:

    Piglets routinely being slammed by workers onto the concrete floor
    Mother pigs suffering from torn vulvas and severe prolapses, caused by forced impregnation, resulting   
     in their uterus or internal organs painfully protruding outside their bodies
    Piglets having their tails cut off and teeth cut out with pliers, without anaesthetic, causing several to
     develop debilitating infections
    Pigs suffering from seizures caused by meningitis
    Animals forced to live in filthy conditions, flooded with faeces and water, with no access to dry

Beware: Distressing video in link above
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Ktimatologio , E9 and ENFIA crucial for your property in Greece

What would possibly connect a court claim for a piece of property, with payment of the property tax for it? The answer is Greek law. The Greek administration has invented several ways to force property owners to pay property tax. Some call it extortion. Some others believe it is a reasonable measure to enforce the law.