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Title: 03/05/21
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Summer holiday: Government promises traffic light list 'shortly' as expert says travel will happen 'within limits'

A list of countries deemed safe to visit ahead of the expected lifting of the ban on international holidays for people in England from May 17 is expected soon despite the government missing the publication deadline, the foreign secretary has said.

Dominic Raab told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that a new traffic light system detailing different rules for people returning from overseas travel depending on the risk is “coming shortly”.

The Commons’ Transport Select Committee issued a report last week which stated that the green, amber and red lists of destinations must be published by Saturday “at the latest”. However, this has not happened.
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Holidays abroad should be discouraged to stop Covid third wave, say MPs
All-party group on coronavirus gives recommendations on international travel for leisure, which could resume on 17 May

Holidays abroad should be discouraged even once legal, a cross-party group of MPs have said as part of a suite of recommendations to prevent a third wave of coronavirus and further lockdowns.
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Greece reopens restaurant, cafe terraces after six months of Covid-19 lockdown

Greek restaurants and cafes reopened their terraces on Monday after six months of pandemic shutdown, with customers flocking to soak up the sunshine and a return to "normal life".

The reopening was all the more poignant and joyous as it came a day after Orthodox Christians in Greece celebrated Easter, when believers mark the resurrection of Christ.
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...citizens will be able to once again frequent their favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars, as long as they use outdoor tables... citizens will not have to send an SMS to visit these establishments and all inter-municipal movements will be allowed beginning on Monday as well.

Also heard that citizens will have to send an SMS to 13033 with number 6. :dunno:

Along with that, heard that the travel ban is relaxed, now starting at 23:00 and ending 05:00 in the morning.
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EU plans to reopen to fully Covid-vaccinated foreign tourists from June

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Air pollution spikes may impair older men’s thinking, study finds

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BBC shares update on future of Line of Duty
Will there be another series?

Viewers were then left wondering if the show would return due to the feeling of finality in the episode, which has been widely panned as “disappointing” after being watched by a staggering number of people in the UK.

However, the BBC has suggested it is happy for the show to continue should Mercurio want to make more.

The real-life Line of Duty AC-12: ‘We spend a lot more time sat in front of computers’

Detective Chief Superintendent Peter Holdcroft, who leads the unit, admits that their day-to-day work “isn't as dramatic as you see on the TV”.

“In reality we spend a lot more of our time sat in front of computers than taking part in car chases and gun fights,” he tells The Independent.

JMO but didn't rate the last episode very highly.