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Facebook 'disconnects' data
« on: Wednesday, 21 August, 2019 @ 01:51:16 »
Facebook launches 'clear history' tool – but it won't delete anything
Feature ‘disconnects’ data from a user’s account and shows extent of tracking apparatus

Facebook has launched its “clear history” feature more than a year after it was first promised by Mark Zuckerberg as part of damage control efforts after the Cambridge Analytica revelations.

The new feature, part of a wider set of tools covering “off-Facebook activity”, will not delete anything from Facebook’s servers, instead simply “disconnecting” data from an individual user’s account.

It is initially being rolled out in Ireland, Spain and South Korea, to be followed by a worldwide launch “over the coming months”.

The tool allows users to see for the first time the extent of Facebook’s tracking apparatus across the wider web, and gives them some power to control what the company learns about them from that surveillance.