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Android hack attack
« on: Saturday, 07 March, 2020 @ 02:19:13 »
More than a billion Android phones at risk of being hacked, experts say

More than a billion Android devices could be hacked, experts have warned.

The devices – many of which are in active use and have been bought relatively recently – are no longer support by security updates and so do not receive patches for bugs and other issues, new research has warned.

It means that people using the phones could be hit by bugs that are distributed widely and can be exploited by hackers relatively easily.

A report by consumer group Which? found that about 40% of Android users were running older versions of the software, which no longer receives security updates from Google.

Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system and as a result, Which? says there are potentially millions of smartphone users at risk of data theft and other cyber attacks.

Older versions of mobile operating systems, generally those more than two years old, often have security updates from developers stopped.

Not, altogether, news - the less expensive smart phones generally become insecure very quickly and even the more expensive Android 'phones may be insecure after three years, as previously mentioned in Smartphone (in)security.