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Greek police say one person has died and several have been seriously injured in separate incidents during Easter celebrations.

Police said Monday a 25-year-old died on the island of Crete Sunday during an Easter feast as one of the fellow revelers shot him unintentionally.

Most of the other incidents involved the ritual of exploding fireworks as soon as Christ's Resurrection is celebrated around midnight Saturday.

In a bid to incentivise citizens not to avoid tax, Greece is preparing to give away the luxury cars she has repossessed in the economic crisis in a prize draw, tickets for which will be … shopping receipts.

Greek newspapers have reported that some ten Ferraris and a sprinkling of Lamborghinis, Porsches, Jaguars and Mercedes will be given as prizes in weekly raffle draws this summer to those who sign up and submit their receipts and invoices, in a ironic twist that could see a wealthy tax-dodger’s ostentation become a struggling citizen’s dream come true.

Whether an impoverished winner will be able to afford the tax and running costs of such a machine remains to be seen.

Austerity in Greece caused more than 500 male suicides, say researchers
Study finds clear link between spending cuts and rise in number of men who killed themselves between 2009 and 2010

A 57-year-old man committed suicide early on Sunday by jumping off a flyover in Vrilissia, northeastern Athens.
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