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A rose by any other...
« on: Saturday, 21 January, 2023 @ 18:44:29 »

Next stop, Twatt! My tour of Britain’s fantastically filthy placenames

The UK is full of extremely rude-sounding towns and villages. But what’s it like to live in them? Some locals can’t wait to change the names, while others embrace the quirk – even selling signpost souvenirs

I read about the put-upon citizens of Fucking in Austria. This remote, socially conservative village had suffered from decades of unwanted attention, ever since the second world war when British and American soldiers passed through and took home word about a truly unforgettable little place. (The name is thought to stem from a centuries-old landowner.) By 2005, Fucking was so routinely overrun by backpackers and bucket‑listers, all of them chasing selfies or keepsakes, that CCTV cameras had to be pointed at every Fucking sign in town.

Long article but quite amusing, as are some of the comments.

(If there's any BoJo fans left out there, apologies: it just seemed so appropriate)