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Title: 09/01/22
Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 03:19:10
One hundred and four new cases of coronavirus confirmed on Kef yesterday and one on Ithaka, according to EODY.

Today's bank rate:
1 GBP = € 1.1621
1 USD = € 0.8577

Based on Alpha Bank exchange rates, these are widely used by exchange agencies in Greece.
Other banks likely to offer a different rate which may be marginally higher or lower.
Banks and foreign exchange offices normally charge standard 2% commission.
You may get a better rate changing your holiday money in advance at e.g the Post Office (https://www.postoffice.co.uk/travel-money).
NB: some f-ex agencies advertise "No Commission".
Invariably, they deduct commission before they (don't) advertise the rate.
Foreign exchange offices are businesses, not charities.

Ten day weather forecast for Kefalonia:
This is an overall forecast, due to the mountainous terrain the weather can be very localised.
Updated forecast @ weather.com (https://weather.com/en-IE/weather/tenday/l/GRXX0035:1:GR)

Day, Date   Hi°/Lo°   Wind sp   Wet   Forecast
Sun 09/01   14°/09°   20 km/h   90%   Rain probable
Mon 10/01   12°/09°   12 km/h   98%   Rain probable
Tue 11/01   12°/09°   17 km/h   81%   Rain probable
Wed 12/01   12°/06°   20 km/h   03%   Mostly sunny
Thu 13/01   10°/05°   17 km/h   21%   Mostly sunny
Fri 14/01   11°/08°   14 km/h   21%   Mostly sunny
Sat 15/01   13°/09°   12 km/h   14%   Sunny
Sun 16/01   14°/10°    9 km/h   12%   Mostly sunny
Mon 17/01   15°/11°   12 km/h   20%   Sun & cloud
Tue 18/01   14°/11°   19 km/h   42%   Showers possible

Title: Re: 09/01/22
Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 11:19:49
Seal cut free from ‘floating death trap’ of discarded fishing net

A young seal was cut free from a ‘floating death trap’ of discarded fishing net.

The little marine mammal was rescued by locals after washing up on the shoreline at Wester Quarff in Shetland on Tuesday.

Title: Re: 09/01/22
Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 11:22:29
Primary school teacher banned for life for funding Islamist terrorists

A primary school teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after sending money to Islamic terror groups.

Miriam Sebbagh, 52, who taught children at Hunwick Primary School in Crook, County Durham, was sending Islamic terrorists thousands of pounds, a Teaching Regulation Agency disciplinary panel found.

Police discovered £4,670 in a safe at her address which was intended to fund terror attacks.

The money was subsequently forfeited under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 and Ms Sebbagh was also ordered to pay costs of £12,654.

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Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 11:30:01
NGO warns of wind turbine threat to vultures

The Hellenic Ornithological Society has denounced plans for the expansion of the number of wind turbines in the Acarnanian Mountains in western Greece, the country’s most important vulture breeding ground.
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Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 15:02:19
Watch: Goldfish can drive a car ... (as long as the tank isn’t empty)
We could be carpooling with the popular pets in years to come, as scientists have trained them to manoeuvre a ‘fish-operated vehicle’

If a team of scientists were to teach a goldfish to do anything, driving a car might not be what immediately springs to mind.

But that is exactly what a pioneering group of researchers have done.

Scientists have managed to teach goldfish to drive and they say the marine animals are as adept at navigating on land as they are in their natural habitats.

Six goldfish managed to master the skill of navigating when placed in a tank, which was put atop a specially made four-wheeled robot.


I know there's a shortage of HGV drivers but this is taking things a bit far...
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Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 17:27:00
Fifty one new coronavirus cases on Kef today, no new cases on Ithaki.
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Post by: Maik on Sunday, 09 January, 2022 @ 20:39:04
Cat reunited with family after getting stuck in armchair donated to charity shop