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Canned cat: 30 March this year, a cat with it's head stuck firmly in a can. Found on a dead-end country lane bumping into gateposts. Had abrasion sores on it's face and neck, vet reckoned it had probably been stuck in the can for several days and was suffering from dehydration. Flies awaiting it's demise:

Tinned puppy, found 22:30, 26 May, wandering blindly across the main Argostoli road outside Poros.
Cig packet for size comparison:

It's easy to avoid animals starving to death or getting squidged by traffic - please, crush cans

It's OK, I'm not really that hungry

... since you've stood in my dinner

Bravo for saving another littleun - but I wish you didn't have to due to idiots leaving their rubbish around.  The consequences if you hadn't saved this puppy make me feel sick.

Nice one Maik, well done :-) :-)  Yes, it really doesn't occur to crush a can so this is very well pointed-out...  Can I share one of your pics on my Facebook page to spread the message?

Sure, no problem. Let's see if we can help stop this suffering.


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