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--- Quote ---Fox killed and hung from tree on Kefalonia

Shocking images of animal cruelty have emerged from the island of Kefalonia, where an unknown perpetrator killed a fox, strapped it to two pieces of wood shaped like a crucifix and then hung it from a tree near a main road.

The gruesome spectacle was spotted by a local resident, who published photographs of it on social media.

“Some people must be very proud of their education. Shame! How has this place become like this, to be inhabited by uneducated people. Will anyone in charge move to take it down or will it become one of our tourist attractions? A bottomless pit,” she said.

A friend of the resident eventually removed the fox and informed the local wildlife warden.

“The perpetrator was not satisfied with killing the animal, so he crucified it and hung it up to show everyone what he accomplished,” animal rights website said.
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