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--- Quote ---Builder snaps up stash of doorknobs for scrap... then finds they're worth £2m

Mr Cairns bought the brass goods - including light switches, hat stands and letter boxes - from a millionaire in Penzance, Cornwall.

He had kept them in storage for 40 years saying he never wanted to look at them because they reminded him - of his wife.

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--- Quote ---British users can sue Google in UK over “secret tracking”
Ruling sets precedent for future cases against US companies to be heard in UK.

The UK's Court of Appeal has confirmed an earlier landmark High Court decision that a group of British consumers using Apple's Safari browser to access Google's services can sue the US company in the UK. Google has always argued that the appropriate forum for such cases is in the US, so this sets an important precedent for future legal actions against foreign companies operating in the UK.
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--- Quote ---Optimize Web Pages Using "Data Saver Chrome Extension" to Save Bandwidth

Google want to save its users' bandwidth at home. The company has released a "Data Saver extension for Chrome," bringing its data compression feature for its desktop users for the first time.

While tethering to a mobile Hotspot for Internet connection for your laptop, this new Data Saver extension for Chrome helps you reduce bandwidth usage by compressing the pages you visit over the Internet.

If you are unaware of it, the data compression proxy service by Google is designed to save users' bandwidth, load pages faster, and increase security (by checking for malicious web pages) on your smartphones and tablets.

Until now, the data compression service has been meant to benefit only mobile users, but the latest Data Saver Chrome Extension aims at helping desktop users by reducing their data usage by as much as 50 percent.
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--- Quote ---Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness
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"No Blacks": Chinese restaurant in... Kenya


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