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Well, four special guards responsible for her protection(?) have been arrested.


--- Quote ---Multiple UK news sites suffer widespread security vulnerability

A security flaw has been discovered in a number of UK news websites, potentially placing 24.5 million users at risk. The problem was found in websites run by Johnston Press, a UK media group that is responsible for scores of regional news websites.
--- End quote ---

Some big name local news sites run by Johnston Press. As it says, "potentially placing users at risk" - even 'good' websites can get hacked and carry malware.


--- Quote from: Maik on Thursday, 02 April, 2015 @ 16:59:06 ---Well, four special guards responsible for her protection(?) have been arrested.

--- End quote ---

Bet they have no idea how it happened.  :rant:

Meanwhile also today and reported by Enikos:

--- Quote ---The five-member Court of Appeal for Felonies on Wednesday summoned former Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis, Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos and members of the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) in the period when Akis Tsochatzopoulos was Defence Minister, to testify after Easter in the case of the armaments procurement programmes.The Court summoned the former KYSEA members to testify on April 29.

The court also decided to call, apart from Simitis and Venizelos, former ministers Yannos Papantoniou and Vasso Papandreou to testify.  The subpoena to former members of KYSEA has been a standing request of the main accused Akis Tsochatzopoulos since the beginning of the judicial investigation, who argues that the decision on the disputed contracts for submarines and the TOR M1 was a government decision and was not taken by himself but by KYSEA.

Meanwhile, the court rejected the applications for suspension of execution of sentence that would release Tsochatzopoulos' wife Vicky Stamati and his accountant Frosso Lambropoulou.

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