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--- Quote ---Giant pandas in China set record for longest recorded sex session
Mating session between Xi Mei and Lu Lu lasted 18 minutes and three seconds and was welcomed by researchers who have struggled to get pandas to breed in captivity
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This is "bearly" credible, was she "pandering" to his animal instincts?


--- Quote from: Misty on Monday, 06 April, 2015 @ 10:51:01 ---This is "bearly" credible, was she "pandering" to his animal instincts?
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I think she wanted to try a few numbers from the menu.


--- Quote ---From a hand grenade to a Mercedes: the weird and deadly debris found in canals
Thousands of volunteers have helped with the mammoth task of cleaning 2,000 miles of waterways across England and Wales
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--- Quote ---The reopening of the Waverley railway, axed in 1969, shows that trains are increasingly seen as the solution to Britain’s infrastructure troubles
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Nice article! I am heartened to see that steam will return as well! It will do wonders for tourism in the area.
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BBC4 @ 22:00 (BST) tonight: The Titfield Thunderbolt - a 1953 British comedy film about a group of villagers trying to keep their branch line operating after British Railways decide to close it.

Will probably give it a miss in favour of Code of a Killer and Bluestone 42 but I quite like many of the old 1950's films, watched The Dam Busters yet again the other night. Quite mystified me as the announcer kept repeating a warning about 'offensive language' - in a 1955 film? Then it hit me... the Wing Commander's dog was named 'Nigger'. Hey ho.


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