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--- Quote ---Rugby joins ranks of the politically correct with 'no winners' rules for children
A new non-competitive version of rugby union, introduced by an official body, is criticised for "robbing children of motivation"
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Unconfirmed, but heard the motorcyclist who died in Kapandriti was a local 42 year old professional truck driver. Accident probably due to slippery road, seems he lost control of the 'bike and passed away due to head wounds, which suggests he wasn't wearing a crash helmet.

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--- Quote ---Greek consumers are the biggest users of electronic commerce in the south of Europe despite the fact that the penetration of the Internet and of online shopping has been somewhat delayed in coming to Greece, according to a study by E-Commerce Europe – the association of European electronic sales firms.

The financial crisis appears to have radically changed Greeks’ consumer habits as ever more consumers are seeking bargains at electronic stores in or beyond Greece. Consequently, the average annual spending per Greek consumer in electronic trade in 2012 amounted to 1,347 euros, which is far above the region’s average per capita spending of 864 euros.
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--- Quote ---Furry friends need a home

Four adorable dogs are seeking new homes after being rescued from Greece by a Sheffield animal-lover.

Mya, Judy, Cleo and Carla were rescued from an animal shelter in Greece when they were just skin and bones due to a lack of funds to buy food.

The quartet were rescued by veterinary nurse Sarah Linley, who works at Springfield Vets, Firth Park.

To find out more, call 07917 113767.
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--- Quote ---A Bulgarian citizen has been detained in the Greek port of Patras after 550 kg of hashish were discovered in the truck he was driving.

The heavy truck with a Bulgarian license plate was officially carrying oranges for Italy.

The Greek police acted on an advance signal and believe that the shipment is part of a major channel for drugs toward Central European countries.

The detained Bulgarian is currently being questioned by the police, reports the Bulgarian National Radio, adding he might face up to 20 years in jail.
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