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--- Quote ---Young woman hit by 25,000-volt shock after climbing on a freight train in east London
The 22-year-old is being treated in hospital after the incident on Wednesday night

A young woman was in a serious condition in hospital today after leaping on to a freight train in London ad being burnt by live overhead cables.

Her actions were branded a “moment of madness” as rail chiefs warned the public against copycat stunts.
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--- Quote ---Man lost on the Pacific Ocean for '16 months' reaches shore on remote Ebon Atoll
In a story similar to the plot of the film Castaway starring Tom Hanks, Jose Ivan was found on the atoll having floated 8,000 miles from Mexico
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--- Quote ---Couple jailed for decapitating a sheep and waving its head at children

A couple who decapitated a rare breed of sheep, before they used its head to terrify some children, have been jailed.
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--- Quote ---Centenarian cyclist breaks his own world record
A 102 year-old French cyclist beats his own world record after cycling nearly 16.7 miles in an hour
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--- Quote ---Metal band Skinny Puppy send US government invoice after finding out their music was 'used as torture device in Guantanamo Bay'
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--- Quote ---It appears that cancer is more common in some areas of Greece compared to others. Drama, Kilkis, Karditsa and Grevena have the highest cancer mortality rates, said pathologist and president of the Greek Scientific Society “Drama against Cancer,” Savvas Papadopoulos.

He suggests that the increase in cancer rates in Drama may be related to the following:
- The migration of people from Drama to West Germany during the 1960s, where they were exposed to carcinogens before returning
- Pesticides or even existing environmental factors, such as radon
- Pollutants from Bulgaria transferred to Greece via the river Nestos
- Leakage of radioactivity from the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, where an accident occurred in 2006.
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Sounds like there will be elections on 25 May, can't make out the details but think it will be local elections, *not* elections for a new government.

Also heard plans are afoot for changes to the road vehicle tax system, word has it luxury tax on big cars will be reduced / abolished.

Heard a rumour that when Samaras and Parisis arrived in Argostoli it was in a V12 Mercedes S600 declared to have an engine size less than 5,000 cc, whereas these models have a 5.5 or 5.87 engine. Probably just a malicious rumour about the declared size.


--- Quote ---Donations of food, medication, clothes and other items to charities and nonprofits will be exempted from Value Added Tax (VAT), government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said on Friday, following the tabling of a regulation in Parliament the same day.

Kedikoglou said that the obligation up to now to pay VAT on gifts to aid vulnerable segments of society deterred many companies from giving gifts, having them choose instead to destroy items that could be donated.

He added that under the regulation products that were removed from shelves or not sold for various reasons - such as damaged packaging, company recall or proximity to expiration date - could also be distributed without VAT.

"This will provide an incentive to companies to offer them to philanthropy and nonprofits so that these products end up with our fellow citizens who truly need them, instead of being destroyed by companies," Kedikoglou noted.
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Dated 31/01/14:

--- Quote ---Yesterday, residents of Kafkanas in Ancient Olympia lived another night of horror watching their village cut in two and the earth "swallowing" their properties. In recent days and after heavy rains, the village suffers from subsidence resulting in the disappearance of homes and shops, the sinking of farmland, serious damages in a coffee shop and the main street of the village, while three families were already forced to leave their homes for the time being.
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