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Tsipouro ban
« on: Thursday, 23 January, 2020 @ 23:39:13 »
Public Smoking Now Curbed, Greece Wages New War Against Draft Tsipouro

One of the many great traditions in Greece is the enjoyment of a couple of shot glasses of tsipouro liqueur accompanied by meze in the company of friends. Tsipouro is widely available in great quantities and it is still relatively cheap.

The reason tsipouro is so inexpensive is because it can be homemade. As a result, there is a completely unregulated market around it, resulting in the loss of tens of millions of euros in taxes every year. Now the Greek government has decided to ban the sale of draft tsipouro altogether.

After two years of going back and forth on the issue, a bill to ban the sale of draft tsipouro passed in the Greek parliament in 2017. However, it turned out to be one of those laws that was never enforced, much like the prohibition of smoking in public places.

However, the Greek government has finally decided to enforce this dormant legislation.