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Greek Easter
« on: Thursday, 14 April, 2022 @ 12:44:49 »
My big, fat, Greek Easter: food and spectacle on Crete, Corfu and Tinos

Breathing the incense-scented air and listening to the priest’s plaintive chant, we sat in darkness, lit only by the glimmer of the “eternal flame” – ferried over from Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre earlier that day.

At midnight, the black-clad priest brandished the lantern aloft: “Xristos anesti!” “Christ has risen!” he cried. As if on cue, bells pealed wildly and firecrackers fizzed through the darkened streets of Palekastro in east Crete.

“Alithos anesti!” “Truly He is Risen,” the crowd replied before lining up to light their candles from the flame, then scurrying home to make the smoky black cross on the lintel above their front doors, to bring protection for the following year.

Worth a read of whole article, lovely time to visit Greece (well, usually - not quite so good if summer's late arriving)