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Today’s bank rates:
1 €UR = £0.9058 GBP
1 €UR = $1.1222 USD
£1 GBP = 1.1040 €UR
$1 USD = 0.8911 €UR

Based on Alpha Bank exchange rates, these are widely used by exchange agencies in Greece.
Other banks likely to offer a different rate which may be marginally higher or lower.
Banks and foreign exchange offices normally charge standard 2% commission.
You may get a better rate changing your holiday money in advance at e.g the Post Office.
NB: some f-ex agencies advertise "No Commission".
Invariably, they deduct commission before they (don't) advertise the rate.
Foreign exchange offices are businesses, not charities.

Ten day weather forecast for Kefalonia:
This is an overall forecast, due to the mountainous terrain the weather can be very localised.
Updated forecast @

Day, Date   Hi°/Lo°   Wind sp   Wet   Forecast
Sat 28/01   13°/09°   08 km/h   54%   Showers probable
Sun 29/01   13°/08°   13 km/h   71%   Showers probable
Mon 30/01   13°/10°   17 km/h   24%   Mostly sunny
Tue 31/01   13°/08°   25 km/h   70%   Showers probable
Wed 01/02   13°/09°   15 km/h   08%   Sunny
Thu 02/02   14°/09°   22 km/h   75%   Light rain probable
Fri 03/02   13°/07°   29 km/h   68%   Showers probable
Sat 04/02   11°/06°   23 km/h   61%   Showers probable
Sun 05/02   11°/06°   20 km/h   17%   Sun & cloud
Mon 06/02   12°/09°   18 km/h   10%   Mostly sunny


--- Quote ---Flybe: Regional carrier ceases trading and cancels all flights

Airline Flybe has cancelled all flights to and from the UK after going into administration.

A statement on the airline's website said it had "ceased trading" and told any passengers expecting to travel with it not to go to the airport.

About 2,500 passengers were due to fly with Flybe on Saturday, with about 75,000 passengers in total having flights cancelled.

Flybe said it would not be able to help passengers arrange alternative flights.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---More bee-killing poisons? Why?

For the third year in a row, the UK Government has approved the use of the banned neonicotinoid by English farmers on sugar beet crops.

For the third year in a row, this decision goes against the advice of two of the Governments own expert groups; the Expert Committee on Pesticides and the Health and Safety Executive. Both have consistently advised that the emergency use of this pesticide should not be allowed.

Evidence shows that a single teaspoon of neonicotinoid is enough to deliver a lethal dose to 1.25 billion bees.

Use our simple form to email your MP and urge them to contribute to this important debate.
--- End quote ---

Dog and cat food for the pooches and pussies at Ark can be left at Pollatos Fruits collection point, Antoni Tritsi 32, Argostoli.


Lidl's dry dog food 53% off this week so 5.99 for 10kg. Hope Ark is stocking up.


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