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Today’s bank rates:
1 €UR = £0.9197 GBP
1 €UR = $1.1318 USD
£1 GBP = 1.0873 €UR
$1 USD = 0.8835 €UR

Based on Alpha Bank exchange rates, these are widely used by exchange agencies in Greece.
Other banks likely to offer a different rate which may be marginally higher or lower.
Banks and foreign exchange offices normally charge standard 2% commission.
You may get a better rate changing your holiday money in advance at e.g the Post Office.
NB: some f-ex agencies advertise "No Commission".
Invariably, they deduct commission before they (don't) advertise the rate.
Foreign exchange offices are businesses, not charities.

Ten day weather forecast for Kefalonia:
This is an overall forecast, due to the mountainous terrain the weather can be very localised.
Updated forecast @

Day, Date   Hi°/Lo°   Wind sp   Wet   Forecast
Sat 04/02   14°/07°   29 km/h   82%   Showers & winds probable
Sun 05/02   09°/04°   29 km/h   12%   Sun & cloud, winds probable
Mon 06/02   08°/04°   11 km/h   21%   Sun & cloud
Tue 07/02   09°/04°   18 km/h   14%   Mostly cloudy
Wed 08/02   09°/05°   25 km/h   33%   Showers possible
Thu 09/02   10°/06°   28 km/h   47%   Showers possible
Fri 10/02   11°/06°   21 km/h   24%   Mostly cloudy
Sat 11/02   12°/07°   17 km/h   36%   Showers possible
Sun 12/02   13°/08°   16 km/h   24%   Sun & cloud
Mon 13/02   13°/09°   16 km/h   50%   Showers possible

No risk of frost

Body of a 78 y-o Greek female recovered yesterday morning from the sea off Periyiali, Kavala.


--- Quote ---Cats and dogs rescued from frontline by Ukrainian volunteers

Animal rescue volunteers in Ukraine have made it their mission to save cats and dogs that have been abandoned on the frontline.

Zoopatrul shared footage of their latest trip to "ghost town" Bohorodychne where they rescued animals "on the verge of survival."

Volunteers said the abandoned pets have no chance of surviving the conditions without help.

They say they have saved more than 1,000 cats and dogs from war and human cruelty, and have no intentions of stopping.

You can donate to the cause through their Patron page, and they also share updates on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
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--- Quote ---People in England aged under 50 urged to get free Covid booster

NHS also says Sunday 12 February is last day this age group can attend a site for primary vaccinations
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--- Quote ---World’s oldest dog crowned by Guinness Book of Records

Bobi, a 30-year-old Rafeiro do Alentejo, has been crowned the world’s oldest living dog and oldest dog ever by Guinness World Records, breaking a record that stood for almost a century.
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