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--- Quote ---Italian Island’s Goat Bounty: Islanders Offer Free Goats to Anyone Who Can Catch Them

The small and remote Italian island of Alicudi, home to just 100 residents, is overrun by goats that now outnumber the human population by a ratio of about six to one.

Desperate to address the situation, the local mayor, Riccardo Gullo, is urging anyone willing to adopt a goat to take them off the island.

Goats were introduced to the island just two decades ago, according to the regional authorities in Sicily. They were released by a local farmer and allowed to roam freely. However, the goats bred and multiplied and have now overwhelmed the inhabitants of Alicudi who are outnumbered by the animals.

Mr Gullo explained that the “adopt-a-goat” program was initiated due to the local authority’s decision not to cull the goats.
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--- Quote ---Dozens of flights cancelled as Storm Kathleen hits UK with 70mph winds
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--- Quote ---Two planes collide at Heathrow Airport while aircraft being towed
An investigation has been launched after two passenger planes collided while one of the aircraft was being towed at Heathrow Airport.

Footage posted on social media shows a Virgin Atlantic plane’s wing touching a British Airways aircraft, surrounded by emergency services.

The Virgin Boeing 787-9 plane had completed a flight and was being towed to a different part of the airfield with no passengers on board at the time of the incident, it is understood.

Virgin said it has launched an investigation into the collision.

The aircraft has been taken out of service and engineering teams are performing maintenance checks on it, the airline added.

The British Airways (BA) aircraft was stationary at the time of the incident and is being assessed by engineering teams, the company said.
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Bush fire earlier this evening between Lourdas - Sissia promptly brought under control and extinguished by the local volunteer group.

Between 08/04 - 10/04 Kef Fire Service will be holding a three day training exercise on building collapse prevention and search & rescue following an earthquake.


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