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--- Quote ---Platform opens for ENFIA tax payment

The Single Property Tax (ENFIA) pay slips for approximately 7.3 million property and business owners have been posted on the myAADE digital portal for the financial year 2024.

This year’s ENFIA dues are to be paid in up to 11 installments, with the first installment due on April 30 and the final installment set to be paid by February 28, 2025.

Overall, the rates are expected to remain the same as last year’s. Property owners who had their properties insured for natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, and floods) last year will pay less tax, while those who acquired properties in 2023 will pay more tax.

Property owners who identify errors or omissions in their pay statements have the opportunity to correct them by submitting an amending E9 declaration. This platform is scheduled to open in the next few days.
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Contract worth 6,944€ signed between Municipality of Sami and contractor Yeorgios Potamianos for the maintenance of hiking trails in the municipality.

Municipality of Sami are inviting bids for rental of municipal spaces, e.g. for kioskis on Sami seafront.


--- Quote ---Rental Prices in Greece Decrease by 19%

In the latest data released by Eurostat on Thursday, Greece stands out with a notable decline in rental prices amidst a mixed picture across the European Union.
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--- Quote ---Arrest Made for Large Fire in Mavro Kolymbo Area of Lasithi, Crete

A man was arrested today, on April 7, 2024, for being responsible for the large fire that occurred yesterday morning, on April 6, 2024, in the Mavro Kolymbo area of Lasithi, Crete.

The citizen's arrest was made within the framework of a spontaneous procedure by Fire Brigade Officers, the Arson Crimes Directorate (DAEE), in cooperation with investigative officers of the Arson Crimes Squad (K.A.E.E.).

The arrested person will be brought before the Criminal Prosecutor of Lasithi tomorrow.
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