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Lixouri strays
« on: Wednesday, 27 January, 2021 @ 10:58:13 »
A message from the Municipality of Lixouri press office:

We invite those who are sensitive to the issues of protection and care of strays to register to participate in the Voluntary Group for the Protection of Strays created in our Municipality.

In case a stray is found, keep it in your place and take care of it until the two vaccines and the necessary chipping are made by the Municipality and promoted for adoption.

All of the above last about a month and all expenses as well as the actions required will be taken by the Municipality.

From you we ask only a little of your space and time and a lot of your love for defenceless animals.

You can register your interest on dimoslixourio(at) or by sending a message both on the page of the Municipality of Lixouri on Facebook, as well as on the Lixouri Animal Volunteers page as well as by calling 2671091018 at the Department of Cleanliness and Green.