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Boris' regret
« on: Tuesday, 08 February, 2022 @ 16:09:42 »
Boris Johnson regretted backing Brexit, says new No 10 spin doctor

Boris Johnson regretted backing Brexit before the EU membership referendum, his new spin doctor Guto Harri told a senior journalist after the historic vote.

The new director of communications told the New European’s editor-in-chief Matt Kelly in 2018 that Mr Johnson knew he had “f***** up” by coming out in favour of the UK’s exit, according to the newspaper.

Mr Johnson submitted a column to the Daily Telegraph backing Brexit on the eve of the referedum. But he later admitted he had also written an anti-Brexit column saying Britain should “stay in” the EU.

Mr Harri is said to have told Mr Kelly at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2018 that Mr Johnson wishes he “sent the other letter”.

The PR man, who formerly worked for Mr Johnson during his time as London mayor, is said to have added: “He knows he’s f***** up massively. Now he’s working out how to get himself out of the mess.”

Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson did not deny on Tuesday the details of the conversation reported by The New European.