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Kefalonia Animal Trust AGM
« on: Wednesday, 21 March, 2018 @ 15:14:43 »

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Re: Kefalonia Animal Trust AGM
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, 29 March, 2018 @ 08:36:37 »



Saturday 24th March 2018, 12 noon at Dom Spiro - Svoronata


Committee Members
Pat Dolman– President
Janet Jones - Treasurer
Catherine Candy – Secretary
Sheila Steven

Jane Regan

Maria Butler

Treasurer's Report
Janet Jones (Treasurer) went through the accounts for 2017.  She also had the detailed accounts if anyone wanted to look at them.

Money this year had been raised from a number of sources, the Charity Shops, direct donations through Paypal or into the various bank accounts, cash donations and Easy Fundraising.

Income and Donations received this year didn't cover our expenses and we had to use some of our cash in hand , to keep up with the demand and cover our expenditure, and now have very little cash in hand.
Total Income-     €40324.43 
Total monies spent -    €47520.23

total paid to vets   46945.30
(this is 2776.22 more than 2016)
Additional expenses were P.O.BOX    €57.31
Sterilization bags   €37.51
Translation of document re neutering clinic   €200.00
Panhellenic Membership   €50.00
Keith Preston (money paid into UK Account by KARAT)   €90.00
Pat Dolman (small amounts paid for animal transportation at airport   140.12

There were a number of people who were thanked for their help with raising money.  The list of names is at the end of these minutes.

Pat Dolman presented the neutering numbers for 2017

915 Animals were neutered in 2017  and increase of 184 on 2016

The Charity was  lucky enough to have 2  Volunteer vet during 2017

Pat Dolman arranged with Tomson Holidays for charity status, which reduced the price of flights for adoptions from £600 to £400 for first dog and £200 for others travelling under the same name
12 cats  were adopted using this incentive
1 cat came into Kefalonia
14 dogs were adopted using this incentive

Unfortunately  this discount has been removed in 2018. there is no fixed price  not sure what price will be, at least £600 (this was price prior to discount), and will be dependent on the weight of the animal and size of crate, the discount scheme only applies to 5 greek airports, nearest to Kefalonia is Corfu or Thessaloniki

Pat then went on to explain that there have been changes to the banking laws in the UK, and they are worried about money laundering, all money has been removed and will be brought to Kefalonia by the trustees., we are in contact with a lawyer who specializes in charity law which will cost us £900 to get a new account and a new UK based charity set up, in line with the new banking laws

Pat also encouraged people to use easyfundraising, and explained it cost nothing and we have raised £2473.36 since we joined, and that the money would be held in the account until a new UK based charity account was up and running

Discussions then about the clinic, and we accept it is not going to happen, we have been offered a house but only if we have the relevant permits, which we can't seem to get, we will investigate what is needed to get a mobile clinic

Any Other Business/questions

we asked for suggestions of fund raising ideas Roy Harrison suggested a calendar like the ladies who did it for cancer research, there were no takers

another suggestion is we find other places to put our donation envelopes, this is well supported by Ionian Holidays

Everyone was thanked for attending and to Panagi of Dom Spiros for the use of his premises and continued support

Meeting Closed

Thanks for monies raised to…

Thanks for monies raised:-

SKALA KATS   1575.00
SVORONATA KATS    16526.25
ALITIS BAR    2074.50
KAT UK    5613.70

Thanks to everyone who has a collecting tin on their premises:-
AB supermarket, Bakery Peratata, Meat Market Peratata,The Book Tree, Baligoto Supermarket, Paspalis, Solomos Supermarket Skala, Nine Muses Hotel Skala, Petros Supermarket Lourdas, Katelios Taverna, Donkey Trekking Sami, Treat House Lassi, Down the rabbit hole, Panem, Avithos Village, Klematis Restaurant      

Also many others have made donations including,Margaret Bauer, Alan Blackburn, Andy & Chantelle,  Sheila & Roger, Charlie & Ida, Ulrike Gripp, Mediterranee Hotel, Jean & Russell, Jenny & Tim, Roger,Mary Willis, Sue & Malcolm Jones, Debbie McClory, Hilary Hayhurst.

Thanks to Rod Wells for bringing things from the UK for us.   
Thanks to Dave Dolman for being our driver and personal shopper.

 A big thank you to all who continue to support us with donations via PayPal into KATs (UK).     
We would especially like to thank all our hardworking volunteers who turn out in all weathers to help with the shop/ bazaars/ fundraisers etc and all the people who generously donate to these events whether it is by giving prizes or by baking.           

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Re: Kefalonia Animal Trust AGM
« Reply #2 on: Saturday, 31 March, 2018 @ 14:08:03 »
Tremendous achievement!

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