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Greek herbs most popular souvenir from Greece

Which souvenir do we like to bring with us from Greece? Visitors of previously indicated, that they had already been on holiday to Greece more than 10 times on average. They are loyal fans of Greece, but what do they like to take from their Greek holiday destination as souvenirs? We asked this to 1,361 visitors in the past period. Greek herbs are the most popular souvenir from Greece for the Dutch. They mainly use them to make Greek dishes at home.

What kind of Greek herbs
Greek herbs have been chosen as favorite souvenirs by 26% of the voters. Typically fresh Greek herbs, from mostly leaves, are for example oregano, thyme, basil and mint. There are also spices which are from other parts of the plants such as cinnamon, pepper, cloves and mastiha.

Olive oil also scored well with 15% of the total number of votes. If they want to make Greek dishes at home, this Greek olive oil is indispensable. So tourists often indicate that they buy them together with herbs as souvenirs. With olive oil, the "extra virgin" variety is most often chosen. An attractive packaging, like a beautiful bottle, plays an increasingly important role in this purchase.

A Greek drink as a souvenir
Dutch also like to take a Greek drink as a souvenir from Greece. Ouzo scores with 14% of the respondents, but they also like to drink Metaxa (6%) and Greek wine or beer (5%) at home. Local liqueurs like Koum Quat, Tentura and Mastiha are also mentioned to create a Greek atmosphere at home.