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Title: 04/11/21
Post by: Maik on Thursday, 04 November, 2021 @ 03:09:22
Sixteen new cases of coronavirus confirmed on Kefalonia yesterday by EODY.

Today's bank rate:
1 GBP = € 1.1446
1 USD = € 0.8386

Based on Alpha Bank exchange rates, these are widely used by exchange agencies in Greece.
Other banks likely to offer a different rate which may be marginally higher or lower.
Banks and foreign exchange offices normally charge standard 2% commission.
You may get a better rate changing your holiday money in advance at e.g the Post Office (https://www.postoffice.co.uk/travel-money).
NB: some f-ex agencies advertise "No Commission".
Invariably, they deduct commission before they (don't) advertise the rate.
Foreign exchange offices are businesses, not charities.

Ten day weather forecast for Kefalonia:
This is an overall forecast, due to the mountainous terrain the weather can be very localised.
Updated forecast @ weather.com (https://weather.com/en-IE/weather/tenday/l/GRXX0035:1:GR)

Day, Date   Hi°/Lo°   Wind sp   Wet   Forecast
Thu 04/11   24°/19°   22 km/h   08%   Sunny
Fri 05/11   25°/19°   24 km/h   10%   Mostly sunny
Sat 06/11   25°/18°   10 km/h   08%   Cloudy
Sun 07/11   24°/17°    4 km/h   07%   Cloudy
Mon 08/11   23°/17°   14 km/h   36%   Showers possible
Tue 09/11   22°/16°   14 km/h   73%   Light rain probable
Wed 10/11   21°/15°   16 km/h   73%   Light rain probable
Thu 11/11   19°/14°   16 km/h   63%   Rain probable
Fri 12/11   19°/14°   15 km/h   56%   Showers probable
Sat 13/11   20°/14°   16 km/h   55%   Showers probable

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Woman hospitalised 3 times after being bitten by spider lurking under loo seat

A woman bitten by a spider lurking under her loo seat has been hospitalised three times after a huge blister formed under the fang marks.

Jo Kenyon, a 34-year-old radio producer, was sitting on the toilet when the insect - thought to be a false widow - scurried out and sunk its fangs into her thigh.

She flushed the spider and called 111, where medics told her to rush to hospital over fears the bite would get infected.

Doctors then had to pop the huge blister which formed under the fang marks - with Jo twice returning to A&E to have the mass drained.
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Engineers say they have found a new way to create fuel ‘out of thin air’

Scientists say they have created a new system that can create fuel out of sunlight and air.

The new system is notable because it can work under field conditions, rather than in the specialised and specific conditions of a laboratory.

Eventually, it could be used to create carbon-neutral fuels for things like aviation and shipping – but significant amounts of development and upscaling would be required first, the engineers behind the discovery note.
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EasyJet announces big increase in available seats for Greece

EasyJet airline announced on Wednesday a 500,000 increase in the available seats for Greece in 2022, in comparison with 2019.
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Minimum driving age drops to 17 next year

The minimum age for acquiring a driver’s license will drop from 18 to 17 next year, under new legislation passed in Parliament on Wednesday, which stipulates that young motorists will have to be chaperoned by an experienced driver until they come of age.

The new bill also includes measures to crack down on rampant corruption in the driving test system, with cameras being installed in test cars and the candidate’s instructor riding along.

The written exam will be updated and made available in other languages apart from Greek.
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Where can I see the Northern Lights tonight in the UK?
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Over-60s to be offered ‘game-changing’ antiviral Covid pill that can be taken at home
Britain becomes first country to licence antiviral pill that reduces risk of hospitalisation and death

Over-60s will be offered a “game-changing” Covid treatment that can be taken at home, as Britain becomes the first country to licence the pill.