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Holiday scams
« on: Saturday, 30 April, 2022 @ 21:53:33 »
Bank issues warning as holidaymakers lose almost £3,000 on average to flight scams

British holidaymakers are increasingly falling victim to flight scams and losing nearly £3,000 on average, a bank has warned.

The volume of scams linked to holiday bookings has increased by a third (33%) over the past year, Lloyds Bank said, while there has also been a big jump in frauds related to caravan stays.

The figures were based on analysis of scams reported to Lloyds.

The average amount lost to a flight scam was £2,955, with victims of package holiday scams losing £2,342 on average. Victims of hotel-related scams lost £1,231 typically.

And with many people opting for UK-based staycations over the past year, Lloyds said scams linked to people booking short stays in caravans has more than doubled (a 108% increase) over the past 12 months. The average amount lost was £374.