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Facebook Messenger grants scam
« on: Thursday, 10 November, 2022 @ 18:02:08 »
This scam offers you a fake grant through Facebook Messenger
Fraudsters target Facebook users by posing as their friends

If a Facebook friend sends you a message inviting you to apply for a grant, there's a good chance they've been hacked by fraudsters trying to steal personal details. 

The scam starts with a message from a Facebook friend who has been hacked. The fraudster messages with a conversation starter such as 'Hello, how are you doing mate?'. They then tell you about their day by saying things like 'I'm good, just having a coffee' to convince you that you're talking to your friend.

Next, they tell you they saw your name on the 'NCG list', which they describe as 'a national community grant that assists government employees, old, retired workers, non-workers, youths and the disabled with cash.' No such list or grant exists.

The fraudster will then ask you if you’ve received any money. They will say that they received a grant of tens of thousands of pounds, before sending you a link to make an application.

If you click on a link provided by a scammer, this could result in malware being downloaded onto your device. You may also be taken to a dodgy website where you're asked to enter your personal details, which can be used to scam you now or at a later date.

If you receive a Facebook message like the above, ignore it and try to contact your friend using another method to let them know their account has been hacked.

If it’s your account that’s been hacked, visit to secure the account. Consider turning on two-factor authentication for added protection against any further attempts.