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Most goats
« on: Wednesday, 05 February, 2020 @ 22:32:04 »
Greece Has the Largest Number of Goats Per Capita in Europe!

According to a recent study conducted by the European Union’s statistics authority Eurostat, Greece is the clear EU champion — in regard to the number of goats, that is.

More specifically, according to the European Union’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries report for 2019, Greece comes first in the entire Union, having approximately 3,625,000 goats living on its territory.

The second place is taken by Spain, with almost a million fewer goats than Greece.

However, such a large population of these useful animals does not come without a cost.

On the Greek island of Samothrace, for example, in the north Aegean Sea, goats are now posing an imminent threat to the natural environment as a result of overgrazing.

It is remarkable that goats far outnumber humans on this island.

While there are only 3,000 permanent inhabitants on Samothrace, the island has more than 45,000 goats.