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Kef in the red
« on: Friday, 19 February, 2021 @ 22:21:11 »

Kefalonia has been declared a 'red zone' due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases. What this means is:

* travel ban between 18:00-05:00, with exceptions for travelling for health or work reasons, or exercising
   a pet (dog?) near the home
* sports activities are suspended
* tavernas/restaurants can operate only for take aways (during travel hours) and deliveries
* Primary and Secondary Schools will open, Lyceums will offer distance learning only
* a maximum of 9 people at any time in places of worship
* clothing stores, footwear, book shops, hairdressers may operate via a pre-arranged appointment, 1
   person / 25 sq.m.
*shops closed on Sundays.

Edit: More on this news, in English, at

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