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Suncreams tested
« on: Friday, 17 June, 2022 @ 04:05:54 »
Sunscreens costing up to £28 do not offer protection claimed, says Which?
None of the five mineral SPF30 products included in tests offered the advertised level of protection, the consumer group said.

Expensive mineral-based sunscreens have failed to provide the level of protection claimed on their packaging, according to consumer group Which?

None of the five mineral SPF30 products included in the testing offered the level of protection claimed, the watchdog said.

Three of the products failed tests for both SPF (sun protection factor), measuring a sunscreen’s ability to filter UVB (ultraviolet) rays, and UVA, which can also increase the risk of skin cancer and lead to darkening and ageing of the skin.

Eight chemical-based sunscreens including cheap supermarket own brands passed both the SPF and the UVA testing. However, the testing panel found various differences between products when it came to factors such as ease of application, absorbance and greasiness.

Chart by Which?