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Title: Captain Corelli's curse?
Post by: Maik on Wednesday, 21 September, 2022 @ 17:32:45
Here we are in paradise!

Even through into September the tavernas and bars have been busy, if not full. We've had to go out late in the evening to get a table at some tavernas. Demand for car hire went through the roof, in high season car hire prices reached 150€ a day, one was allegedly let out for approaching 1500€ for one week. We hear of record numbers of tourist arrivals in Greece, accommodation capacity reaching almost 100% and record tourist expenditure.

Some of the tavernas have gone 'up market', sometimes just replacing traditional small tumblers with wine glasses the size of small buckets. Some have gone the whole porc (that's French for 'hog'). In (at least) one taverna yiayia is no longer in the kitchen, instead there's an 'executive chef'. While restaurant prices have risen in these tavernas noticeably, portion sizes seem to have shrunk.

There's another side that I've not seen reported everywhere. Maybe it's not quite paradise. Unsolicited, three separate acquaintances we've spoken with have said this year isn't like any other, certainly not down south of the island.

The people are different. Not the locals, the tourists. It seems to have attracted people who possibly wouldn't normally choose Greece, certainly not somewhere (allegedly) as quiet as Kef. Nothing wrong with that, it seems the local tourist industry wants every year to be a record beater. But it has come at a price. We've heard of people dodging out of tavernas without paying, pilfering in shops, one taverna owner in Skala being physically threatened by a customer.

WTF is going on?
Title: Re: Captain Corelli's curse?
Post by: expat on Wednesday, 21 September, 2022 @ 18:15:45
We are in our usual agia efimia and sami, the prices have certainly shot up! Although petrol is a bit cheaper than in may. We are told that the local tavernas have had a good season, although the tavernas are empty by 10.30, we got a two weeks car hire from kefalonia car hire for 275 euro, cant complain, back home on friday.
Title: Re: Captain Corelli's curse?
Post by: Annie P on Thursday, 22 September, 2022 @ 08:20:49
We just got back from our usual two weeks in Katelios and noticed that prices had risen as expected but also heard that visitors were being rude to waiters and shopkeepers. Different sort of people on the island due to other holidays being cancelled.
Title: Re: Captain Corelli's curse?
Post by: Cheshirechick on Thursday, 22 September, 2022 @ 16:22:31
We returned to UK last week after 3 weeks holiday in Skala.  We've been coming for over 20 years at various times of the season. We couldnt believe the last week in August everywhere was heaving not the laid back relaxed atmosphere expected in Skala.  Just finding a parking space in the evening was a challenge.  We didn't notice any huge price increases in the tavernas but you certainly had to book your table if you wanted to eat at a reasonable time.  Tourist numbers did start to fall off a little in the first week in September and our final week was down to normal high season levels not the very quiet September we have experienced in the past. We personally didnt witness are nastiness towards taverna staff.  Argostoli certainly didnt feel any busier than usual and we visited 4 times during the day and evening.  Fiskardo was busy as usual but still able to get a table for lunch quite easily.  Assos was very busy and we managed to get out just as a coach trip complete with guide holding up a flag arrived - possible cruise ship passengers??  We did notice a lot more luxury cruisers and sailing yachts moored in Skala Bay overnight and during the daytime.
We just hope that all our friends in the tavernas managed to recoup some of the losses over the last 2 years as a result of the covid pandemic but I'm sure the end of this season cant come soon enough for them and I hope they all have a good rest over the winter.  Will 2023 be like this year? who can say but we will certainly be booking to return.
Title: Re: Captain Corelli's curse?
Post by: Maik on Thursday, 22 September, 2022 @ 18:22:36
Definite drop off in numbers since Sunday this week, tavernas much quieter. Prices mostly not as much as we expected but, as usual, some variation: some of the least expensive provide the biggest portions.

Haven't stopped in Skala yet but driven through it a couple of times. The one-way system seems a bit chaotic, unless you know where to go there's little to indicate. Up past the school there's a road sign on the T-junction declaring 'Argostoli'... it must've moved since were were last here... oh, no, there's two tiny arrows pointing left.

Post Office in Poros must have done roaring trade - sold out of stamps for most of the week. Hey ho!

As for next year year... will anyone have any money left for holidays after paying for food and fuel? Could be another slow season for Greece...maybe this will help attract folk to Kef:

Kefalonia set as the location for another film, this time two archaeologists meet on Kef and fall in love. Not sure if that's with Kef or with each, probably both. Due for release 2023... if it's any good maybe another influx of tourists?