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Kefalonia Animal Trust AGM minutes
« on: Monday, 04 May, 2020 @ 08:03:25 »
Kefalonia Animal Trust (KATs)
Published by Catherine Candy ·  ·
Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold an open AGM,
we held an electronic vote for the committee, there were only 5 nominees, and all 5 were unanimously voted in
Catherine Candy - President
Janet Jones - Treasurer
Andromahi Dendies - Secretary
Maria Butler - Vice President
Janice Holmes - Publicity/Promotion
Jean Baker and Sheila Steven have decided they would like a break, but will still be very much involved with the animals and the charity. Thank you to you both for all your sterling work in the past
Main topics of the AGM would have been neutering figures and the accounts,
Neutering Figures for 2019
114 Female Dogs
40 Males Dogs
499 Female Cats
203 Male Cats
856 animals in total
we weren't able to have a volunteer vet in 2019, if we have we would easily have made the magic 1000 that our founder Pat Dolman was aiming for. (maybe this year)
all this is made possible by our wonderful volunteers who works tirelessly to raise funds, and the wonderful supporters that donate. we couldn't do it without you all, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts
The total amount raised this year was 48571.63 euro.
Sales and bazaars made a total of 29933.15 euro.
This can be broken down as follows:-
Svoronata shop:- 22154.10 euro.
Katelios Book Sales- 3006.10 euro.
The Christmas Fayre this year made 3467.65 euro.
The Katelios bazaar made 1305.30 euro.
We would like to thank everyone who helps at these events, with preparation and on the day, as these great results would not be possible without you all.
Other income was as follows:-
Collecting Tins at the Vets 9619.87 euro.
Collecting Tins at other locations 481.22 euro.
Alitis bar - 1644.00 euro.
Magnolia / Jeans quizzes - 363.00 euro.
Thunderstorm Prediction - 60.00 euro.
Darren car boot sales in UK - 1215.00 euro.
Donations totalled - 2201.79 euro.
Donations in memory of our founder Pat Dolman - 692.00 euro.
Membership fees - 350.00 euro.
Ionian Island Holidays-collection of envelopes on their coach transfers raised 611.58 euro.
Sheila car seat/ cot rental - 250.00 euro.
Rogers bike ride- 870.00 euro.
Queen Bee Charity Night – 230.00 euro.
Paid into Alpha bank account- 50.00 euro.
Interest on the Alpha bank account was 0.02 euro .
This year our expenditure has increased again.
Total outgoings were 61332.91 euro.
Miscellaneous expenses:-
PO Box No- 57.31
Lawyers Fees- 100.00
Bank charges- 3.00
Vets bills totalled 61172.60 euro. (This figure is 2157.90 euro more than in 2018)
Lefteris 12060.60 euro.
Spiridoula 17950.00 euro
Amanda 15837.00 euro
Pantelis (Sami) 11120.00 euro
Nikki 4205.00 euro
Expenditure 61332.91 euro
Less Income 48571.63 euro
- 12761.28 euro (This is a shortfall)
To sum up in 2019 we spent 2068.21 euro more than in 2018.
We did not raise enough money to cover our expenditure in 2019.
The shortfall was covered from our balance brought forward from 2018.
However if demand for neutering numbers keeps growing in this way we will run out of money and
will have to stop issuing numbers or limit our expenditure severely.
Thanks for monies raised:-
SKALA KATS (Book sales etc) 3006.10
VETS TINS 9619.87
ALITIS BAR 1644.00
Thanks to everyone who has a collecting tin on their premises:-
AB supermarket, Bakery Peratata, Meat Market Peratata,The Book Tree, Baligoto Supermarket, Fiskardo Supermarket, Solomos Supermarket Skala, Donkey Trekking Sami, Down the rabbit hole, Jumbo, Dimitra in Fiskardo, Lovides Studios, Express Market and Paspalis Skala.
Also many others have made donations including Val, Margaret Bauer,Maz & Neil, GB Evans, Andy & Chantelle, Ida & Charlie, Karen & Helen, Lesley Groom, Natalies Apartments, Pet Nat, Queen Bee, Liz Whitehead, Julie Wilson, Angie North, Dave & Lee Beddows, Adele Dale,
Jenny & Tim, Bob & Jackie Decosomo, Lorraine Morris, Jan & Maurice, Amanda Michelettis mum, Roger Ash, Julian Spooner, Joanna& Eric Behenna.
All our wonderful supporters who donate via Paypal, apologies if we have missed anyone
Abbie Darge, Ian Dobby, Alison Smith, Angela Davies, Angela Woolley, Anne Tummler, Ashley Haines, Belinda Locke, Beth Darrall, Carl Ashton, Caroline Joy, Caroline Passey, Catriona Todd, Celia Boxall, Cheryl Collins, Christine Aram, Mary Willis, David Allchin, Debbie McCrorie, Debra Harrison, Denise Evans, Dominique Betts, Eleanor Dawson, Enly Morssink, Elizabeth Ablett, Elizabeth Dowsett, Elisabeth Keightley, Elizabeth Whitehead, Elizabeth Williams, Ellen Pope, Emma Hawe, Frank Fiala, Furzaid, Adam & Bianca, Giada Piccigallo, Gillian Quinney, Greek Animal Rescue, Helene Would, Ian Bellworthy, Ivan White, Jane Cresdee, Jane Mould, Jane Poyntz, Janet Pearce, Janine Underwood, Janne Kristiansen, Jeanine Stancombe, Jeremy Jordon, Jill Richardson, Jocelynne Russell, Jonathan James, Julie Vincent, Julie Wilson, Karen Hayes, Kerry Jamieson, Kirsten Jonas, Kyle Daniel Davis, Lesley Stack, Linda Douse, Lynne Pyle,Lynsey Cowbrough, Madeline Nineham, Marilyn Strawford, Mary De Sykes, Mary-Jane Warleigh, Matthew Tovey, Melissa Beamish, Michael Papanicolaou, Michelle Gwilt, Miss L J Bassett, Monique Roedts, David T James, Mrs T L Ireland, Natalie Brain, P P Holmes, Pat Osborne, Paul Bell, Peter Casson, Philip Brain, Rachel Hardwick, Richard Brucker, Ruth Slater, Ruth-Elizabeth McDonald, Sara Hughes, Sarah Franielczyk, Sharon Brown, Simon Gillespie, Simon Wray, Simone Onorante, Sophie Daniels, Steph Scully, Steve Huttly, Susan Kelly, Thelma Jones, Tina Mirchandani, Trevor Pitt, Zena Gaskell.
Also we have had several anonymous donations, so thank you very much whoever you are.
Thanks to Sheila and Roger for their cot/car seat rental donations.
To Jean for doing her quizs in Skala.
Thanks to Darren for raising a fantastic amount for us and having the stamina to rise early to sell at car boot sales.
Special thanks to Benny Porter for his generosity, keeping us supplied with things to sell at the Christmas Fayre and managing to get them to us now that Rod is no longer doing the UK trips.
Last but by no means least, thanks to Jo Behenna for all the help she’s given to us to enable us to continue with Pats great work and for the donation from the collection at Pats funeral.
We all miss Pat so much, but she would just tell us not to be soft and get on with it!
We would especially like to thank all our dedicated volunteers who help with the shop/ bazaars/ fundraisers etc, sometimes in bad weather and all the people who generously donate to these events either by baking, donating prizes or giving us items for the shop and book sales.
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