Author Topic: Expats lose rights after Brexit  (Read 1796 times)

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Expats lose rights after Brexit
« on: Thursday, 24 February, 2022 @ 19:13:11 »
Britons living in EU can’t keep pre-Brexit rights, European court advised

The European court of justice has been advised that British nationals living on the continent do not keep the advantages of EU citizenship now the UK has left the bloc, in a blow to campaigners fighting to keep more of their rights after Brexit.

Anthony Collins, an Irish advocate general at the court, said in an opinion published on Thursday that British nationals “who enjoyed the benefits of union citizenship do not retain those advantages following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU”.

Under the terms of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the estimated 1.3 million UK citizens legally resident in one of the EU’s 27 states at the end of the transition period are eligible for permanent residence, protecting their most basic rights.

But the withdrawal agreement did not secure several rights that British nationals enjoyed as EU citizens, including the right to vote and stand in local and European elections and the right to live and work outside their EU country of residence.

Collins argued in his opinion that EU citizenship was additional to, and did not replace, nationality conferred by member states, that British nationals ceased to be EU citizens after Brexit, and that the loss of citizenship rights was “one of the consequences of the sovereign decision of the UK to withdraw from the EU”.