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Feeding the strays
« on: Monday, 18 April, 2022 @ 18:09:39 »

Collection for Animal Rescue Kefalonia between 18/04-24/04/22 at the Agora (Market) District, Argostoli. Items needed include:

* Animal feed, bowls, etc.
* Medicines: Augmentin, Baytril, Blue Spray, Depon, Ponstan, Vibramycin, Zylapour
* Medical supplies: compresses, patches, sheets, syringes
* Cleaning liquids, disinfectants and applicators (cloths, sponges)
* Plastic beds and cages for transporting animals
* Old blankets, clothes and rugs
* Waterproof clothing for the volunteers who take care of the operation of the shelter
* Playthings suitable for animals

If you live in the UK you can donate cash via the ARK UK website or you can donate without any extra outgoings by shopping online via the Easyfundraising website: the shops/sites/services donate on your behalf.

Sites/shops/services include:

AA Breakdown (UK and Europe)
Admiral Insurance
Airbnb Hosting
Ann Summers  :oops:
Avon Cosmetics
Axa Insurance

That's just some of the 'A's, other participants include: ebay, ESET, Jet2, Kaspersky, Microsoft Store, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, TUI, Waitrose. Full lists at

You can make it even easier by adding a browser extension to Firefox / Google Chrome / MS Edge / Safari

NB: Ad-blockers may cause to throw a wobbly, may be best to visit it on a (different) browser with no ad-blockers installed.

Edit: If you're using a Hosts file, e.g. via uBlock Origin, you'll find it throws up notifications (warnings) re e.g. doubleclick.

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