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Muddy Hole Cave, Kefalonia
« on: Friday, 28 October, 2022 @ 14:55:17 »
While in Greece, we stumbled on the ultimate darkwater freedive site.

On arrival we were shocked by the devastation from the worst hurricane to hit the Ionian islands in 800 years. Boats were sunk in ports and major towns left without water or electricity for days. The resultant bad visibility in the sea rendered filming virtually impossible.

Kefalonia is traversed by huge flooded subterranean passageways (Karns) which have, at several points, collapsed creating cenotes similar to those found in Mexico. Several of these have become our favourite darkwater freedive sites, which we have been exploring for several years.

During the week, we visited ‘The Duckpond’, the final section of the limestone tunnels that leads out to the sea. An unassuming entrance leads to a series of low-ceilinged caverns decorated above and below the water with amazing speleothems which belie the historical low water levels – stalactites can’t grow underwater. As a senior level group, we were able to explore further, pushing on to an airspace that we called the ‘Toblerone’, a 20-metre-swim into a vast black cavern lined with stalactites.

Full story and great photos in that link, video below: