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The Kefalonian film-maker
« on: Saturday, 28 September, 2019 @ 11:12:23 »
The most awe-inspiring images from documentaries on Gower that are winning awards all over the world
A Greek expat has been so captivated by Gower he has dedicated four jaw-droppingly beautiful films to the area

It's been a love affair that's captured the heart of Greek expat Georgios Dimitropoulous.

The 47-year-old film-maker originally hails from Kefalonia, but it is the breath-taking scenery of Gower that has inspired him.

Now the director has made a series of documentaries under the title Gwyr (Welsh for Gower)  in which the stunning location of the Swansea peninsula is the star.

For Georgios, the project has spanned more than three years of his life, and has netted him 11 international film awards and nominations for Best Documentary at 33 international film festivals.