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Ferry Boat With 190 People Runs Aground off Santorini

A ferry boat with 190 passengers on board ran aground off Santorini island in the Aegean Sea early on May 3, the Greek Coast Guard said.

There was no flooding of the Prevelis but the passengers, wearing life jackets, were moved to the deck for precautionary reasons, unlike those of a South Korea ferry which sank last month with great loss of life because the passengers had been told to stay in their cabins.

The ship eventually reached port but about 40 minutes after the grounding, vessels from Santorini pulled up next to the boat to assist in taking off passengers if needed.

Then a Coast Guard vessel and a small passenger ship approached the boat off the rocky islet Aspronisi. The accident might have been caused by a loss of power, according to preliminary reports. Divers checked the extent of damage before it sailed to the port.