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Tourist tax
« on: Thursday, 04 January, 2024 @ 13:41:58 »
Greece Implements New 'Climate Tax' For Tourists In 2024

Greece introduced a “climate tax” for tourists starting in 2024.

The Greek government plans to use this increase in tourism to finance post-disaster reconstruction efforts.

This fee will vary depending on the travel season. From March to October, the new tourist tax will increase accommodation costs. The fees for hotels will increase as follows: 1.50 euros per night for one or two-star hotels (previously 0.50 euros), 3 euros per night for three-star hotels (previously 1.50 euros), 7 euros per night for four-star hotels (previously 3 euros), and 10 euros per night for five-star hotels (previously 4 euros).

The Greek government expects this new regulation to generate up to 300 million euros in additional revenue in 2024. Unlike the previous accommodation tax, the new tax will also apply to short-term rentals booked through online platforms. The fees for apartments will be 1.50 euros, while single-family homes and luxury accommodations will be charged 10 euros per night.

However, during the low season from November to February, the new tax will remain at the level of the old bed tax, between 50 cents and 4 euros per night, in an effort to stimulate winter tourism in Greece.