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BBC Reality Check
« on: Friday, 13 January, 2017 @ 16:58:15 »
BBC sets up team to debunk fake news
Permanent Reality Check team will target false stories or facts being shared on social media

The BBC is to assemble a team to fact check and debunk deliberately misleading and false stories masquerading as real news.

Amid growing concern among politicians and news organisations about the impact of false information online, news chief James Harding told staff on Thursday that the BBC would be “weighing in on the battle over lies, distortions and exaggerations”.

The plans will see the corporation’s Reality Check series become permanent, backed by a dedicated team targeting false stories or facts being shared widely on social media.

“The BBC can’t edit the internet, but we won’t stand aside either,” Harding said. “We will fact check the most popular outliers on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.”

False information around big events such as the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU and the US election has been especially rife, with numerous instances of completely fabricated stories, many of which are created with the sole aim of generating advertising revenue from people viewing the stories.

Facebook has been singled out as the platform that has enabled false stories to spread most widely.

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Re: BBC Reality Check
« Reply #1 on: Monday, 16 January, 2017 @ 12:52:58 »
Damn good thing too.  Am I alone in thinking that only the dimmest knuckle dragger, ie Trump supporters and UKIP, could possibly believe what is promulgated on social media?

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Re: BBC Reality Check
« Reply #2 on: Monday, 16 January, 2017 @ 18:24:01 »
Not just them I'm afraid. You've also got Remoaners thinking their favourite Italian, Portuguese etc takeaways and restaurants such as Nando's will have to close down when we leave the EU!!
One answer to the question "What has the EU done for us"? was " The NHS".

This stuff is typical of the nonsense on social media being put out and believed by all sides.

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Re: BBC Reality Check
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday, 17 January, 2017 @ 09:37:22 »
Social Media per se isn't the problem, it's the people who use it (IMHO, naturally)

What on earth has social media policing got to do with the BBC?
Or is that where they get their newsfeeds now, to save the Reuters fees?

"three people have been mutilated by a transgender lollipop crossing operative after crystal meth spilt from the boot of a passing police car - let us know your thoughts, you can FaceTwat us...."

would the following statement have passed the Truth Police tests?
"battle field ready WMDs that could be armed and targeted within 40 minutes"