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Kefalonia beaches
« on: Friday, 02 June, 2023 @ 15:09:12 »
Kefalonia Beach Breakdown: An Ionian Island Paradise
Adorned with verdant landscapes and iridescent emerald waters, Kefalonia boasts a myriad of stunning beaches

Myrtos, Kefalonia’s most famous beach, may be high on the list of the world’s best beaches, but it is certainly not the only beautiful beach that’s well worth visiting on the island. It takes around a week and several kilometres to explore all of the island’s fabulous beaches and stunning waters. Whether you’re a fan of milky blue seas or calm crystal clear waters, Kefalonia is the place to be. For many, the best beach on the island is not Myrtos, but Antisamos with its stunning waters reflecting unbelievable shades of green and blue.

Hm, Foki beach isn't down South of Kef but up near Fiskardo, so far as I know.