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Turtle gets printed jaw
« on: Monday, 18 May, 2015 @ 22:50:28 »
Injured sea turtle gets 3D printed jaw

A 3D-printed beak has been fitted to a sea turtle injured by a collision with a boat's propeller.

The beak, made of medical-grade titanium, replaces the loggerhead turtle's jaws, half of which were sheared off in the accident.

Detailed scans of the injured creature's head were used to generate the design of the prosthetic beak.

If the prosthetic is not rejected by the turtle, the animal will be returned to the sea shortly.

The 45kg (99lb) creature was taken to the sea turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation centre at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey soon after being found badly injured at sea.

Initially staff at the centre nursed it back to health by feeding it by hand but realised another solution was needed if the turtle was ever going to be able to fend for itself.

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Re: Turtle gets printed jaw
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday, 19 May, 2015 @ 13:28:26 »
Somebody has shelled out a lot of dosh!   ;)