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Smoking law revisited
« on: Thursday, 01 February, 2018 @ 12:13:03 »
Greek Health Ministry to Enforce Dormant Anti-Smoking Law

Greeceā€™s Health Minister Andreas Xanthos on Wednesday called on competent authorities to enforce the anti-smoking law, and start strict checks on public places where smoking is being permitted.

The 2010 anti-smoking law that bans smoking in closed spaces such as public buildings, restaurants, coffee shops and theaters, was never truly enforced. Other than some random checks and fines in the first few months, smoking in public places continues to be rampant in Greece.

The memorandum calls on all pertinent authorities to enforce the law by doing checks on establishments that allow smoking, and impose harsh fines on offenders.

To protect minors from second hand smoke, a steep fine of 1,500 euros will be imposed on drivers who smoke with a child under 12 in the car.